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Tantric sex

This is not about orgasm but a way of enriching and prolonging the sexual experience
with spiritual consciousness by having intimacy with your partner. It makes lovemaking seem to be in another level by expressing it mentally, physically and wholeheartedly.

Tantric sex was derived from Tantra; a religious ritual and meditation concept established in the 5th century in India. The word Tantra is rooted from the word tan, meaning “to extend, spread,continue,spin out, weave out, expand or to manifest” The brain behind it to achieve ultimate satisfaction beyond orgasm.

Tantra in practice, is a sort of “being-consciousness-bliss” which has the power of self-evolution and self-involution. It is therefore the evolution of bringing two people closer together.


According to Osho Shivo in creative sex vs destructive sex, it is stated that “The key to
creative sex is to let the impulse of desire pass over.” Bearing in mind that
Tantric sex is an ancient art, i am not advising anyone to instantly graduate to great practitioners. Instead, do some further reading narrow your findings down to the following helpful stages on how to introduce Tantra into your sexual experience, so you can ease into the gateway to sexual potency and spiritual ecstasy with your other half.
Enjoy and apply it.

1) Prepare Your Inner mind
Anticipation is the key, a nerve-wrecker which is very exciting. Find some time alone to soothe yourself into sexual mode. You can do this by relaxing your body with a breathing exercise, by dancing to your favorite music tunes or even doing some yoga exercises to warm up your body and loosen the tension in your muscles. If it helps, aromatherapy or a warm bath works well too.

2) Create Your Love Nest
It’s very important that you create a comfortable, relaxed and playful environment for you and your partner. Put away any clutter that can distract you, and this includes computers and mobile phones but rather invest in flowers, candles, comfortable bedding and scented oils. If you need some background music to get you in the mood, i suggest instrumental tunes only. Just like an environment for meditation. Make sure your schedules allows you to take your time, as Tantric sex is not a sexual race.

3) Rediscover Each Other
All those years or months you’ve been together may have brought you closer intimately, but it’s easy to miss, forget and take certain things for granted. Face your partner and touch and caress his or her face, hair, neck, arms, legs, back and every nook and corner with your hands. Next, explore those parts with your mouth and tongue. Engaging in this lingering and sensual build will train men to self-control and enhance the women’s arousal. Use this time to fully focus on each other and the magic of the moment – it will come so give it time.

4. Breathe Each Other In
Many tantric experts recommend this element of Tantra. Straddle your partner’s lap (or you theirs) and harmonize your breathing to sync with each other. Inhale while they exhale, exhale while they inhale. Take these breaths of air deep down inside your body. Eventually, you can start to rock together while performing this exchange, and, engage in some gentle, erotic kissing. “Intercourse is not even necessary because you’re so merged,” assures Tantra instructor Dawn Cartwright. “Tantra is about diving deeply into desire and pleasure. If you feel good and ecstatic, then you’re on the right track.”

5) Use Your Hands – Perform A Tantric Massage
Tantric massage is also another essential element of Tantra, to stimulate energy flow and awaken senses as your body’s sensitivity increases. You don’t have to be a certified masseuse, as the focus here is to relax your partner with your loving touches. Rub the neck, back, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and feet, as well as all the sensitive parts. Read your partner’s responses to make sure that you’ve applied comfortable pressure. The loving and attentive gesture of a Tantric massage will leave your partner feeling pampered, comfortable and trusting in your arms.

Ensure you apply this sexual method into your sex life.

finerminds: http://www.finerminds.com/love-relationships/Take-It-Slow-How-To-Introduce-Tantra-Into-Your-Sexual-Experience/

Tantric touch


3 things that can keep your woman from reaching orgasm.

couplewhite11-Limited arousal
If you are not giving her enough foreplay, this will limit her in reaching orgasm. By sticking to just a couple of moves during
foreplay like an ear nibble here, a nipple there and getting into intercourse straight away won’t lead to a bed-shaking finale.
A woman body need to be warm up and prepare for fun which aid orgasm, and you can only do that by making sure you wake up all
her erogenous zones. Also, don’t stick to the same foreplay routine over and over again. Be adventurous. When you touch her in
a familiar way every time, her body becomes desensitized and she won’t feel arousing. Also, one of the biggest misconceptions
holding women from reaching climax is the belief that an orgasm is easily achieved through vaginal intercourse alone. The most
common reason for not achieving an orgasm is generally not giving enough foreplay and clitoral stimulation before sex.
Make it your goal to study her body geometry and uncover her erogenous zones so packed with powerful nerve endings, just touching them takes her from 0 to Oh!

Here is a tip on how go about that.
Using either your hand or your mouth, start touching her all over until you find what feels nice for her. Pressure is the number one enemy of orgasms, so don’t get stress up if it takes a while. If she gives you signs that what you’re doing feels pleasurable, just head in the right direction. For example, get her turned on by perfecting the way you kiss. I’m sure you know how to do it, but what you probably don’t know is that there’s an undercover pleasure transmitter, the buccal nerve,
surrounding the edges of the mouth. This area is extremely sensitive to touch, but it’s often overlooked since most people focus on the plump part of the lips. Try lightly tracing the edges of her lips with the tip of your tongue. This technique triggers thoughts of what your tongue can do down bellow.

2-Lower libido
If your woman has lower libido, this can withold her from having climax. These are some symptoms you should watch out for?
*If she is feeling stressed and tired that “shaging” is the last thing on her mind. If you notice such, just watch out; she might be suffering from a lower libido. So how will you boost her libido, click this to read. Another is
*If she never had any feeling for sex and;
*If there is decrease in her usual sex drive.
Lower libido mostly occurr among relationship that are long time.

Then how can you resolve this.
By having a romantic discussion with your partner for instance, sit her down and make a list of different positions or sexual acts you would like to try. Have a romantic discussion on it. Not only will you be exploring but, for many women, this is a great turn on in as much in the mind as the body. So just find something romantic to chat up about. You can also send her fantasizing messages while at work. Just be a little creative. black-couple

3- Clumsy loving’
This occur when you aren’t clear about what her likes or arouse her. It might be depressing showing the fact that women are
reluctant to show mem how to please them and that only them understand what feels good for them. With this act, she resort to having orgasm alone without you. Maybe you change position too fast or you are unwilling to take her to climax.
All that need to be change is taking control of the situation and asking for a little direction. Ask her how it feels when you touch her in different ways and pay attention to how her body responds to your hands, mouth or penis. And go slowly at first, to help her get used to your movements and get pleasure out of them. Also, try using positions that stimulate the clitoris plenty, like the CAT (Coital Alignment Technique), an upgraded version of the missionary, where you lean forward to her so that your pelvis rubs itself against her clitoris, creating truly head turning sensations.
Believe you find these tips reawakening and enriching. If so, have an erotic time with your partner.

How To Make Your Girl have orgasm and Squirt.

1. Getting Her Ready

Before you ever try to make your girl squirt, you need to make sure that she is warmed up. In order to put your girl at ease and get her in the mood, you must start off with a lot of foreplay. Shoving your fingers into your girl without getting her ready is never recommended. Use a lot of kissing and teasing to get your girl wet enough to start fingering her. Suck on her breasts and nipples while running your fingertips up and down her inner thigh. When she starts to breathe harder you will be able to tell that she’s ready for you to start touching her vagina. Again, don’t go straight for the inside of her vagina. Play with her clitoris a little bit and brush the outer lips with your fingers to get her ready.



2. The G-Spot
The G-spot is going to be the primary way of getting your girl to start squirting. There are a lot of women out there that are so in tune with their bodies that they can ejaculate by just touching their breasts or their clitoris. However, most women will not be able to e ejaculate unless they are being stimulated manually through their G-spot. If you have problems finding the G-spot, there is a simple guide you can follow. Insert your fingers into your woman’s vagina palm-face up. The G-spot is located on the upper-most portion of the vagina about three inches in. The G-spot is a very fleshy textured patch and you should be able to feel it with your fingers. As soon as you touch it you should see your girlfriend squirm a bit.

3. Making Her Squirt
Now that you successfully found her G-spot it’s time to start making her squirt. Start to curl your fingers as if you are saying “come here.” She should moan in delight. If you start to feel the G-spot fill up and get solid, you’re doing it right. Increase the pressure to her G-spot and start going a little faster. Take your other hand and press down on the area around her stomach and pubic bone. This will give more pressure to the area and add to her arousal. Take direction from her. If she says go faster, then go faster. If says that she feels like she’s going to pee, tell her that it’s okay and to let go. Within a couple of minutes she should start to ejaculate. You might see a small gush of liquid from her vagina or a stream of liquid.

Have a blast,

Turn her Faster

Female Orgasm Myths BUSTED!

There’s a lot of talk going around about what women want, what turns us on, and how to make us orgasm. But sadly, most of what we hear is myth.
So let me give it to you straight……….

Female Orgasm Myths BUSTED:

Myth 1. ALL women want a G-Spot Orgasm

Untrue. While many women do crave a g-spot climax, many find the stimulation of this little area quite uncomfortable. For some the
sensation makes her feel like she needs to pee and for others it’s
painful. All women are different, so talk to yours and try different
things to see what she likes.

To get more information on vaginal orgasms and the G-Spot, check this out:


Myth 2. Women only enjoy themselves when they climax

For women, sex isn’t just about coming. It’s also about emotional
bonding and intimacy. Some women even prefer the foreplay to the actual climax.

However, if you can combine intimate, powerfully emotional foreplay with mind-blowing orgasms, then your woman will be dragging you to the bedroom every night.

I’ve covered all of this in the e-book Female Orgasm Secrets. You can download it here:


Myth 3. Vaginal orgasms are better than clitoral orgasms

This is a load of baloney! Clitoral orgasms are just as good as vaginal ones. This myth stemmed from the fact that vaginal climaxes are harder to achieve. Statistically, 1/3 of women won’t ever experience one. But that’s not a big deal at all because clitoral climaxes can be just as spectacular.

There’s a lot of mystery to the female orgasm. However, I’ve managed to clear it up for thousands of men with my downloadable e-book:


From advanced techniques to simple secrets, your woman will think you’re taking lessons from a guru.

Have fun,

Give her erotic massage

7 signs she’s faking it

I don’t mean to scare you but I just wanted to touch upon some cold
hard facts:

1. About 2/3 of women have NOT climaxed during sex.
2. Most women only come when their clitoris is stimulated.

So given those facts, there’s a good chance your lady will fake it just to spare your feelings.

So how do you make sure her moans are real and her climax is genuine? By using these moves:


They’ve been proven and field-tested by thousands.

If you haven’t used the techniques from the link above yet, then here are 7 ways to tell if your woman is a playing the actress.

1. She’s not wet – Perhaps she was aroused in the beginning but if she’s not dripping wet at the end then you’ll know something’s off.

2. Her clitoris and lips are not swollen – When a woman is aroused blood flows to her vaginal region, much like a man’s penis. So if they seem like their normal, unaroused self, then your woman did not climax.

3. The color of the labia doesn’t change – Because of the rise in blood flow, the color of the labia (or lips) will deepen. A genuine climax will have this noticeable trait.

4. Steady heart rate – This can be hard to tell, especially if you’re
doing a physically challenging position. But if she’s lying down and
in plain missionary, her heart rate should rise if she’s experiencing
a real climax.

5. Wandering eyes – If you notice her eyes wandering away as if distracted, she’s not truly coming. Usually when a woman climaxes, she’ll look as if she’s in deep concentration or focus.

6. Her nipples are soft – An aroused woman will have hard and erect nipples.

7. A sudden and unexpected orgasm – If out of no where she suddenly starts screaming and comes, then it probably wasn’t for real. Especially if she didn’t seem as turned on during the foreplay.

Don’t feel hurt if your woman has faked an orgasm. She just wanted to protect your feelings, sweetheart.

If you think you’re dealing with an actress, then talk to her about it
and tell her you’re committed to pleasuring her.

To bring the most effective and sensual techniques into bed, visit
the link below:


She won’t ever have to fake an orgasm again.

Have fun,

Double her desire

Understanding the mechanics of the Female Climax

Do you know what actually happens to your woman when she climaxes?

I asked one of my guy friends this and he admitted he had no idea.
He then also admitted he’s given his girlfriend zero orgasms!

I felt his pain, so not only did I give him some of the secret sex tips and techniques I’ve been sharing with you, I walked him through the mechanics of the female orgasm.

And then it hit me. I’ve yet to share this with you!

Basically, when a woman is going through a climax her body reacts strongly. And it doesn’t matter if you’re touching her breasts or her butt, it’s always the same reaction.

1. Her clitoris will become engorged with blood (similar to man’s penis)
2. Her heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing will go up.
3. Muscles will contract throughout her body, especially in the
vagina, uterus, rectum and pelvic floor
4. Finally, tension is released upon climax.

Single Climax – This is when your woman experiences a single explosion of pleasure. It can last from a few seconds to even a few minutes

Serial Multiple – This type of multiple orgasm happens when your woman experiences several in a row, one right after the other.

Sequential Multiple – This is similar to a serial multiple orgasm except the time between each orgasm is a few minutes long.

To discover how to give your woman a single or a multiple orgasm, you’ve got to learn the right moves to bring her into that ecstatic state of release.

Get the most effective, sensuous, and electrifying techniques here:


You’ll learn penetration techniques, oral skills, how to use toys, and much, much more honey.

Did you know that YOU can experience multiple orgasms too? It’s most definitely possible and will help you last much longer in

So have fun,

3 Naughty Tricks

What happens if you come first?

Chances are you’ve climaxed before your girlfriend has. It’s no biggie. For women, this is pretty common and if she’s not used to it, she probably feels disappointment instead.

However, just because you’ve come doesn’t mean it’s game over.

In this e-book, I cover a variety of poses and techniques involving fingers, tongue, and toys to bring your woman to the euphoric sensual bliss even after you’re done.

Download your copy here:


Here are 3 more ways you can bring your lady to orgasm after you’ve had yours:

1. Bring out a vibrator – Place the vibrator on her clit and move it in small circular motions. If you’ve got the dexterity, let your index and middle fingers slip inside her and with your palm facing up move your fingers in a “Come here” motion. This will drive her crazy.

2. Go down on her – Now that you’ve had your climax, you can focus on her. If you’ve been performing the moves I’ve outlined in my e-book you’ll have already prepped her for an orgasm, so she should be ready to come in a short while. All she needs is a little nudge with your tongue.

If you use a condom, I suggest trying out the Durex Avanti, which has no “after” taste. That way you won’t have the taste of latex in your mouth.

3. Use your still-hard shaft – Often after you peak, you’ll still be hard. Don’t let it go to waste, honey Use your shaft to continue intercourse and when it starts to go soft, you can use it to rub on her clit.

If you’ve been reading and trying out the techniques in my e-book though, you probably won’t have this problem. Many of the men I’ve trained can bring their women to orgasm long before they do.

I recommend downloading and reading Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed today so that you can discover the techniques to keep your woman satisfied and sighing with pleasure in bed.

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Have fun,