Understanding the mechanics of the Female Climax

Do you know what actually happens to your woman when she climaxes?

I asked one of my guy friends this and he admitted he had no idea.
He then also admitted he’s given his girlfriend zero orgasms!

I felt his pain, so not only did I give him some of the secret sex tips and techniques I’ve been sharing with you, I walked him through the mechanics of the female orgasm.

And then it hit me. I’ve yet to share this with you!

Basically, when a woman is going through a climax her body reacts strongly. And it doesn’t matter if you’re touching her breasts or her butt, it’s always the same reaction.

1. Her clitoris will become engorged with blood (similar to man’s penis)
2. Her heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing will go up.
3. Muscles will contract throughout her body, especially in the
vagina, uterus, rectum and pelvic floor
4. Finally, tension is released upon climax.

Single Climax – This is when your woman experiences a single explosion of pleasure. It can last from a few seconds to even a few minutes

Serial Multiple – This type of multiple orgasm happens when your woman experiences several in a row, one right after the other.

Sequential Multiple – This is similar to a serial multiple orgasm except the time between each orgasm is a few minutes long.

To discover how to give your woman a single or a multiple orgasm, you’ve got to learn the right moves to bring her into that ecstatic state of release.

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So have fun,

3 Naughty Tricks


What happens if you come first?

Chances are you’ve climaxed before your girlfriend has. It’s no biggie. For women, this is pretty common and if she’s not used to it, she probably feels disappointment instead.

However, just because you’ve come doesn’t mean it’s game over.

In this e-book, I cover a variety of poses and techniques involving fingers, tongue, and toys to bring your woman to the euphoric sensual bliss even after you’re done.

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Here are 3 more ways you can bring your lady to orgasm after you’ve had yours:

1. Bring out a vibrator – Place the vibrator on her clit and move it in small circular motions. If you’ve got the dexterity, let your index and middle fingers slip inside her and with your palm facing up move your fingers in a “Come here” motion. This will drive her crazy.

2. Go down on her – Now that you’ve had your climax, you can focus on her. If you’ve been performing the moves I’ve outlined in my e-book you’ll have already prepped her for an orgasm, so she should be ready to come in a short while. All she needs is a little nudge with your tongue.

If you use a condom, I suggest trying out the Durex Avanti, which has no “after” taste. That way you won’t have the taste of latex in your mouth.

3. Use your still-hard shaft – Often after you peak, you’ll still be hard. Don’t let it go to waste, honey Use your shaft to continue intercourse and when it starts to go soft, you can use it to rub on her clit.

If you’ve been reading and trying out the techniques in my e-book though, you probably won’t have this problem. Many of the men I’ve trained can bring their women to orgasm long before they do.

I recommend downloading and reading Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed today so that you can discover the techniques to keep your woman satisfied and sighing with pleasure in bed.

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Aromas that will drive her wild

When it comes to getting it on, the majority of us would focus on our sight, touch, and sound. Sadly, most of us miss out on one very, very sexy sense: your sense of smell.

Studies have shown that certain smells, more so than foods, can act as an aphrodisiac. After all the nose knows

But smell alone won’t get your lady off. It takes a little more effort than that. To really WOW your woman to the point of climax, check out the link below:


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As for smell, here are a few aromas to use when making love.
Either get a scented candle, some aromatherapy oils for a sensuous massage, or the root source of the smell.

1. Vanilla – Studies have shown that vanilla not only has a relaxing effect, but it also acts as an aphrodisiac. Even good old’ Thomas Jefferson was rumored to use vanilla bean between the sheets.

For an added touch, why not get some vanilla scented soap? This would go perfectly well with Shower Sex Games.

2. Peppermint – Peppermint oil is like a cure-all panacea. This little green miracle can treat upset bellies, relieve pain, and even clear up congestion. But more importantly, it can also spice up your sex life. And it makes your breath smell better.Grab some peppermint oil for a tingling massage or put a few drops to some herbal tea.

3. Licorice and Cucumber – I know it sounds like an odd mix but in
the late 90’s Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and
Research Foundation discovered that this combo triggered the most erotic response in both men and women.

This concoction is great if your woman suffers from a low libido.
Licorice tea can be found anywhere as can liquorice candles. You can also find cucumber soaps.

4. Banana Nut Bread – Dr. Alan Hirsch also discovered that the smell of banana nut bread was also highly arousing.

I suggest you find a recipe online, bake it, and WOW your woman with both your Martha Stewart skills and the incredibly tantalizing techniques and moves you’ll learn in here:


Have fun,

Sex for couple

Talking dirty

I came across this quote and just had to share it with you. It cracked me up.

“When a man talks dirty to a woman, it’s sexual harassment. When a woman talks dirty to a man, it’s $3.95 a minute.”

Yes, if you’re going to be whispering dirty words into a woman’s ear at work, you’re probably going to get the pants sued off of you.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk dirty to your woman.

Au contraire. She’ll love it!

If you’re a little hesitant or shy about using the power of the word in
your foreplay, don’t worry.

I’ve got it all covered here:http://www.gabriellemoore.com/for/GKR5T9D8

Dirty talk is one of the easiest ways to turn a woman on. Our imaginations are incredibly vivid and the more descriptive you get, the more our bodies will crave what you’re going to do to us

To get the low-down on dirty talk and how to build up sensual tension, hit the link below:

If you want to turn your woman on before she even sets foot in the bedroom, why not send her naughty little text messages throughout the day? This’ll put a smile on her face and have her rip your clothes off when she gets home.

Just make sure you text the right person.

Till next time,

Turn her Faster

Does size matter?

This is a question that I have been asked by more guys over the years than I can count.

Am I too small?

Am I too big?

What if her last partner was much bigger than me?

I’m hurting her, and it’s really ruining things…

There are thousands of interations of this question,but they are all asking the same basic question.

Does size matter?

And the answer is without a doubt…


But – Not in the way you’re thinking.

See everyones bodies are different, and this means that you will need to know how to use your c*ck for maximum results.

It has nothing to do with how big or small it is, but instead what you do with it.

Each position has a specific *goal* and knowing that as well as how to achieve that goal, will instantly make anything you do feel amazing.

So depending on your particular size, shape, angle of your erection AND her vaginal shape you are going to hit your *goal* slightly different.

Most of the time, simply modifying your position slightly makes all the difference in the world.

This means that a man with a 4″ member can easily feel A LOT better than a guy with an 8″ one, IF he knows what he’s doing.

Of course, there’s a simple solution to not just figuring out the *goal* of each position…

But also how to hit it 100% of the time,no matter what your size, shape, angle or what the position is.

So fear not and have confidence in your size.


How To Make a woman orgasm through penetration

Making a woman orgasm through penetration is primarily about two things:
1.) Her Psychology
2.) Her Physiology

If this has started to sound like science lessons don’t worry, I’ll simplify everything into language we men really understand:
Psychology – this put simply means that you put a woman in the mood for sex. Sometimes this means acting like a caveman, she gives you that look, you’ve just had that argument, you’re out and about in a public place and she kisses you a little more passionately than usual.
The simple fact is that understanding this aspect of making a woman orgasm is a matter of guessing correctly which mood she is in or actively putting her in the right mood, this may variously be a strong manly grab around the waist or handing her a glass of wine after a hard day at work, setting up candles and running her a bath etc. etc.
Now most of the confusion on this subject comes from the very unhelpful fact that overwhelmingly the advice given on the internet focuses on these ‘psychological’ elements because for women, they are the more important.
Now as a man what you need to know is this and i’ll get the boo/hisses from any girl reading BUT, as a man you need to focus on her physiology in order to make her orgasm through penetration. It’s simply a fact that 70% of what will make her orgasm in penetration is simply remembering this:

Always Be thinking ‘Clitoris’… ABC…
What this means is that you need to forget what you watch on porn, forget those Tom Cruise movies where the man always raises himself up on the strength of his arms in a romantic, intimate eye lock and over exaggerated pelvic movement… No… When you’re performing in any sexual position you need to be stimulating the clitoris, this means always guys!

There are two ways and two ways only to make a woman orgasm – through her clitoris and through her G-Spot – the Clitoris is by far and away the easiest. This means, when you are:

1.) In Missionary – always have your pelvis griding as close as physically possible to her pubic bone, directly on top of it, causing as much friction against the area of the clitoris as possible. If you want to go for the G-Spot, put a pillow or sometimes even two under her buttocks, this both raises her public bone up so that you can grind more closely against it and also by lowering your waist towards the bed and thrusting ‘up’ against her front wall, you’ll be maximising the pressure on her G-Spot area;

2.) Her on Top – ABC – always be thinking clitoris. If she’s sitting on top of you, use your hand on her hips to pull her down on your shaft so that the bottom of your shaft will be connecting directly with the clitoris. Equally, if she leans over to kiss you, use your hand on her hips to grind her pelvis forward and backwards so that it is grinding directly on the clitoral area.

Those are two basic tips but the essence of how to make a woman orgasm through penetration resides in the ABC rule.
Now I want to jump back a stage, once you’ve firmly got it into your head to ABC, remember this as well, foreplay is the part of sex where you have most control over her body. It’s where you can tease her, stimulate her, frustrate her, annoy her to your hearts content.
A good penetrative orgasm will start to build with your mastery of foreplay. Take your time, undress her, kiss her whole body (but for example don’t go near her vagina), take your time to explore her and stimulate all of her erogenous zones (which you should know, if you don’t start reading up on them!) you will notice that eventually she’ll start pulling you up because she wants you inside her.

When she is at this stage and you enter her, then ABC kicks in. It’s close, it’s animalistic, it’s grinding and sweaty, it’s not the Tom Cruise tricep marathon, it’s a matter of pressing your lower half as strongly against her lower half as you can and taking long measured strokes…

How to make a girl fall in love with you
Knowing how to make a girl fall in love with you is like fishing with dynamite. It can yield amazing results, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. Use these 5 techniques to make girls fall in love with you, but please, please be careful! If you don’t love the girl, yet you make her fall in love with you, then you are going to have serious problems. Women will be really upset to find out that you do not love them and have just been leading them on. This article presumes that you have already attracted her using either the Pick Up Artist guide or Dating Tips for Guys and are in some sort of a relationship. Now that you’ve read the warning….
It’s important that you are both on the same wavelength. You need to share some common interests/hobbies but most importantly you must share many common beliefs (be it God, how you should raise your kids, how people should treat each other, why chocolate chip ice cream is the best ice cream ever, etc). Your common beliefs don’t necessarily need to be serious. They can be anything; the important thing is that you both truly believe them.
This will help you to both form a connection that will be strengthened by trust….
People think that trust is built by being nice to people and doing what they ask. This is not quite correct. Trust is built between 2 people through honesty. If you can be honest with your partner, this will strengthen your connection.
The best way to be honest when learning how to make a girl fall in love with you is to disagree with your girl on topics that won’t offend her. So if you don’t like Coca-Cola and she does, don’t be afraid to tell her. Think about this. Would you trust someone that tells you they like everything you like? Probably not. No way. That’s why it’s important to disagree with her on certain things to build trust and strengthen your connection. Building trust is absolutely key to knowing how to make a girl fall in love with you.

Whirlwind Romance
Many dating gurus will tell you that in order to get a girl attracted, you need to be elusive and scarce, to keep her on her toes. This is absolutely true. It will make her attracted to you, but it is not how to make a girl fall in love with you.
To make a girl fall deeply in love with you, it is vital that she is swept up in a whirlwind of love. You need to maybe call her 3 times in one day, then none the next day, then twice the next day. Obviously keep it random, but you need to keep up constant contact and be hanging out at least 3 times a week together. Part of making a girl fall in love with you is sweeping her off her feet in a whirlwind of romance. If she is attracted to you already (remember this stuff doesn’t work unless she is already attracted to you, so read some of the articles at Dating Tips for Guys if she’s not attracted yet), then you appearing to fall in love with her, will help her fall in love with you.

Have purpose
Planning for the future is one thing, but if you are going nowhere in your own life, then girls will not want to stick around. To prevent this from happening, you need to make sure that your life is together. Do you have a good source of income? Do you have friends outside of your relationship? Are you fit and healthy? Are you moving in a direction that is positive and exciting? If any of the answers to these questions is NO, then you need to get your act together because quality girls only want to be with guys that have purpose and are going somewhere in their lives. Using all the above step on how to make a girl fall in love with you are useless without having purpose in your life.

How to make a woman orgasm with your fingers.
The golden rules are to be gentle and make sure that your fingers are wet before inserting them. Once your fingers are inside her do not presume that just because you want to use them hard and fast that she will like this because she won’t. A woman likes you to show consideration and take it easy, don’t forget how delicate her vagina is. Keep your fingers inside and use them as if you were beckoning someone to come to you, you will soon notice that she is getting wetter with every movement and this is when you should speed up.
As she gets more into into it you will be able to push deeper and will feel a firm piece of tissue that feels like an inverted finger tip (when you feel it you will know what I mean). Stop with the beckoning now and rub this in a circular motion until you make your woman orgasm with your fingers. The great thing about doing this is that she will most likely pleasure you with her hands at the same time.

How to make a woman orgasm with your tongue.
As above you need to take your time and lick her very slowly at first, it takes a little longer to make your woman orgasm by licking her vagina but her climax will be ten times more powerful than the ones given with your fingers. Women love oral but only when it is given properly and with skill and consideration. The best way is to start licking and kissing her outer lips first to get get them wet, then slowly put your tongue inside and alternate between licking and putting your tongue in. It will not take long before she is unable to keep still, such is the pleasure that she is getting.

Keep the licks slow until she is wriggling about and the start to turn up the heat a bit at a time until she is getting loud. By now her clitoris should have taken it’s hood off ready for you to apply the finishing touches. It is crucial that you stimulate this gently or you will have her pushing you away. Just a few nice flicks of your tongue will suffice and she will be having an orgasm like no other.

So next time your girlfriend feels horny but wants an orgasm without intercourse you can make your woman orgasm with your fingers or your tongue.




6 Foods That Will Boost Your Libido

Poor libido often underlies a bigger issue like inflammation that can impair energy production and blood flow, both of which are important for a healthy sex drive.
If this is a concern of yours, there are many steps you can take to get your body re-energized, including adding some key foods to your diet. Although there are a number of so-called superfoods that specifically boost libido, if your current diet is unhealthy, simply eating them may not give you the result you’re looking for. To boost libido organically requires that you obtain true health from within.
The good news is that you can incorporate some common foods into a healthy diet that will help to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow throughout the body, and raise your energy. In fact, these foods will not only help you feel better, they will also make you look better, which will do wonders for your libido. Here are six, everyday foods you should be eating:
1. Fish. Wild caught salmon is a great source of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA that help maintain the fluidity of our cell membranes. They keep our cardiovascular systems healthy by reducing inflammation, preventing excessive blood clotting, and keeping fats in the blood at healthy levels.
2. Avocados. Yes, avocados are high in fat, but they’re also high in healthy fats like omega-9 and omega-3. They’re anti-inflammatory, so they support a healthy cardiovascular system and blood sugar regulation. In addition, they’re high in fiber and rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, the fat-soluble vitamin K, folate, and B vitamins.
3. Watermelon. Watermelon is rich in a chemical called citrulline (iv) that helps make nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels. It also contains the phytonutrient lycopene and beta-carotene, which act as antioxidants, protecting our cells. This is the perfect time of the year to enjoy it; don’t be afraid to eat the white part of the watermelon rind where much of the citrulline is found, either. To maximize the nutrients, (if you buy the fruit whole,) leave it at room temperature until it’s cut, then store the leftovers in the fridge. Eat it right off the rind or in a fruit salad.
4. Nuts. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and pecans are a good source of L-arginine which gets converted into nitric oxide. Walnuts also contain a plant-based omega 3 fat that’s necessary for a healthy cardiovascular system. Add a few to your morning oatmeal, add them to salads, or have a handful as an afternoon snack.
5. Leafy Greens. Fresh spinach, kale, collards, arugula, mustard greens, as well as herbs like parsley and oregano c ontain high amounts of chlorophyll, which is purifying to the blood and helps to increase blood flow. Some, like kale, also contain essential fatty acids like omega 3 and 6. They’re a rich source of vitamins. Eat them in salads, steamed, or juiced with other veggies and fruits.