3 things that can keep your woman from reaching orgasm.

couplewhite11-Limited arousal
If you are not giving her enough foreplay, this will limit her in reaching orgasm. By sticking to just a couple of moves during
foreplay like an ear nibble here, a nipple there and getting into intercourse straight away won’t lead to a bed-shaking finale.
A woman body need to be warm up and prepare for fun which aid orgasm, and you can only do that by making sure you wake up all
her erogenous zones. Also, don’t stick to the same foreplay routine over and over again. Be adventurous. When you touch her in
a familiar way every time, her body becomes desensitized and she won’t feel arousing. Also, one of the biggest misconceptions
holding women from reaching climax is the belief that an orgasm is easily achieved through vaginal intercourse alone. The most
common reason for not achieving an orgasm is generally not giving enough foreplay and clitoral stimulation before sex.
Make it your goal to study her body geometry and uncover her erogenous zones so packed with powerful nerve endings, just touching them takes her from 0 to Oh!

Here is a tip on how go about that.
Using either your hand or your mouth, start touching her all over until you find what feels nice for her. Pressure is the number one enemy of orgasms, so don’t get stress up if it takes a while. If she gives you signs that what you’re doing feels pleasurable, just head in the right direction. For example, get her turned on by perfecting the way you kiss. I’m sure you know how to do it, but what you probably don’t know is that there’s an undercover pleasure transmitter, the buccal nerve,
surrounding the edges of the mouth. This area is extremely sensitive to touch, but it’s often overlooked since most people focus on the plump part of the lips. Try lightly tracing the edges of her lips with the tip of your tongue. This technique triggers thoughts of what your tongue can do down bellow.

2-Lower libido
If your woman has lower libido, this can withold her from having climax. These are some symptoms you should watch out for?
*If she is feeling stressed and tired that “shaging” is the last thing on her mind. If you notice such, just watch out; she might be suffering from a lower libido. So how will you boost her libido, click this to read. Another is
*If she never had any feeling for sex and;
*If there is decrease in her usual sex drive.
Lower libido mostly occurr among relationship that are long time.

Then how can you resolve this.
By having a romantic discussion with your partner for instance, sit her down and make a list of different positions or sexual acts you would like to try. Have a romantic discussion on it. Not only will you be exploring but, for many women, this is a great turn on in as much in the mind as the body. So just find something romantic to chat up about. You can also send her fantasizing messages while at work. Just be a little creative. black-couple

3- Clumsy loving’
This occur when you aren’t clear about what her likes or arouse her. It might be depressing showing the fact that women are
reluctant to show mem how to please them and that only them understand what feels good for them. With this act, she resort to having orgasm alone without you. Maybe you change position too fast or you are unwilling to take her to climax.
All that need to be change is taking control of the situation and asking for a little direction. Ask her how it feels when you touch her in different ways and pay attention to how her body responds to your hands, mouth or penis. And go slowly at first, to help her get used to your movements and get pleasure out of them. Also, try using positions that stimulate the clitoris plenty, like the CAT (Coital Alignment Technique), an upgraded version of the missionary, where you lean forward to her so that your pelvis rubs itself against her clitoris, creating truly head turning sensations.
Believe you find these tips reawakening and enriching. If so, have an erotic time with your partner.


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