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How To Make Your Girl have orgasm and Squirt.

1. Getting Her Ready

Before you ever try to make your girl squirt, you need to make sure that she is warmed up. In order to put your girl at ease and get her in the mood, you must start off with a lot of foreplay. Shoving your fingers into your girl without getting her ready is never recommended. Use a lot of kissing and teasing to get your girl wet enough to start fingering her. Suck on her breasts and nipples while running your fingertips up and down her inner thigh. When she starts to breathe harder you will be able to tell that she’s ready for you to start touching her vagina. Again, don’t go straight for the inside of her vagina. Play with her clitoris a little bit and brush the outer lips with your fingers to get her ready.



2. The G-Spot
The G-spot is going to be the primary way of getting your girl to start squirting. There are a lot of women out there that are so in tune with their bodies that they can ejaculate by just touching their breasts or their clitoris. However, most women will not be able to e ejaculate unless they are being stimulated manually through their G-spot. If you have problems finding the G-spot, there is a simple guide you can follow. Insert your fingers into your woman’s vagina palm-face up. The G-spot is located on the upper-most portion of the vagina about three inches in. The G-spot is a very fleshy textured patch and you should be able to feel it with your fingers. As soon as you touch it you should see your girlfriend squirm a bit.

3. Making Her Squirt
Now that you successfully found her G-spot it’s time to start making her squirt. Start to curl your fingers as if you are saying “come here.” She should moan in delight. If you start to feel the G-spot fill up and get solid, you’re doing it right. Increase the pressure to her G-spot and start going a little faster. Take your other hand and press down on the area around her stomach and pubic bone. This will give more pressure to the area and add to her arousal. Take direction from her. If she says go faster, then go faster. If says that she feels like she’s going to pee, tell her that it’s okay and to let go. Within a couple of minutes she should start to ejaculate. You might see a small gush of liquid from her vagina or a stream of liquid.

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Happy New year

I sincerely wish everyone a very happy new year. Wishing you allny prosperous year with peace.