What happens if you come first?

Chances are you’ve climaxed before your girlfriend has. It’s no biggie. For women, this is pretty common and if she’s not used to it, she probably feels disappointment instead.

However, just because you’ve come doesn’t mean it’s game over.

In this e-book, I cover a variety of poses and techniques involving fingers, tongue, and toys to bring your woman to the euphoric sensual bliss even after you’re done.

Download your copy here:


Here are 3 more ways you can bring your lady to orgasm after you’ve had yours:

1. Bring out a vibrator – Place the vibrator on her clit and move it in small circular motions. If you’ve got the dexterity, let your index and middle fingers slip inside her and with your palm facing up move your fingers in a “Come here” motion. This will drive her crazy.

2. Go down on her – Now that you’ve had your climax, you can focus on her. If you’ve been performing the moves I’ve outlined in my e-book you’ll have already prepped her for an orgasm, so she should be ready to come in a short while. All she needs is a little nudge with your tongue.

If you use a condom, I suggest trying out the Durex Avanti, which has no “after” taste. That way you won’t have the taste of latex in your mouth.

3. Use your still-hard shaft – Often after you peak, you’ll still be hard. Don’t let it go to waste, honey Use your shaft to continue intercourse and when it starts to go soft, you can use it to rub on her clit.

If you’ve been reading and trying out the techniques in my e-book though, you probably won’t have this problem. Many of the men I’ve trained can bring their women to orgasm long before they do.

I recommend downloading and reading Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed today so that you can discover the techniques to keep your woman satisfied and sighing with pleasure in bed.

Just hit the link below to get your copy:


Have fun,



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