Understanding the mechanics of the Female Climax

Do you know what actually happens to your woman when she climaxes?

I asked one of my guy friends this and he admitted he had no idea.
He then also admitted he’s given his girlfriend zero orgasms!

I felt his pain, so not only did I give him some of the secret sex tips and techniques I’ve been sharing with you, I walked him through the mechanics of the female orgasm.

And then it hit me. I’ve yet to share this with you!

Basically, when a woman is going through a climax her body reacts strongly. And it doesn’t matter if you’re touching her breasts or her butt, it’s always the same reaction.

1. Her clitoris will become engorged with blood (similar to man’s penis)
2. Her heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing will go up.
3. Muscles will contract throughout her body, especially in the
vagina, uterus, rectum and pelvic floor
4. Finally, tension is released upon climax.

Single Climax – This is when your woman experiences a single explosion of pleasure. It can last from a few seconds to even a few minutes

Serial Multiple – This type of multiple orgasm happens when your woman experiences several in a row, one right after the other.

Sequential Multiple – This is similar to a serial multiple orgasm except the time between each orgasm is a few minutes long.

To discover how to give your woman a single or a multiple orgasm, you’ve got to learn the right moves to bring her into that ecstatic state of release.

Get the most effective, sensuous, and electrifying techniques here:


You’ll learn penetration techniques, oral skills, how to use toys, and much, much more honey.

Did you know that YOU can experience multiple orgasms too? It’s most definitely possible and will help you last much longer in

So have fun,

3 Naughty Tricks


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