7 signs she’s faking it

I don’t mean to scare you but I just wanted to touch upon some cold
hard facts:

1. About 2/3 of women have NOT climaxed during sex.
2. Most women only come when their clitoris is stimulated.

So given those facts, there’s a good chance your lady will fake it just to spare your feelings.

So how do you make sure her moans are real and her climax is genuine? By using these moves:


They’ve been proven and field-tested by thousands.

If you haven’t used the techniques from the link above yet, then here are 7 ways to tell if your woman is a playing the actress.

1. She’s not wet – Perhaps she was aroused in the beginning but if she’s not dripping wet at the end then you’ll know something’s off.

2. Her clitoris and lips are not swollen – When a woman is aroused blood flows to her vaginal region, much like a man’s penis. So if they seem like their normal, unaroused self, then your woman did not climax.

3. The color of the labia doesn’t change – Because of the rise in blood flow, the color of the labia (or lips) will deepen. A genuine climax will have this noticeable trait.

4. Steady heart rate – This can be hard to tell, especially if you’re
doing a physically challenging position. But if she’s lying down and
in plain missionary, her heart rate should rise if she’s experiencing
a real climax.

5. Wandering eyes – If you notice her eyes wandering away as if distracted, she’s not truly coming. Usually when a woman climaxes, she’ll look as if she’s in deep concentration or focus.

6. Her nipples are soft – An aroused woman will have hard and erect nipples.

7. A sudden and unexpected orgasm – If out of no where she suddenly starts screaming and comes, then it probably wasn’t for real. Especially if she didn’t seem as turned on during the foreplay.

Don’t feel hurt if your woman has faked an orgasm. She just wanted to protect your feelings, sweetheart.

If you think you’re dealing with an actress, then talk to her about it
and tell her you’re committed to pleasuring her.

To bring the most effective and sensual techniques into bed, visit
the link below:


She won’t ever have to fake an orgasm again.

Have fun,

Double her desire


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