Sex On the Outside: An Exhibitionists Guide to Great Sex.

Exhibitionism is a great little technique for helping to boost the excitement levels in your love making. It’s about all the places you can go for a seemingly innocent exhibitionist date.
In the way that sneaking around behind your parents’ backs may have been thrilling when you were teenagers, the possibility of being caught with your pants down, literally, can give your sex life a little extra jolt of electricity when things are feeling a bit ho-hum.
Take some simple precautions and bring everything you will need to be both inconspicuous and safe. If you and your lover have never engaged in any kind of exhibitionist outdoor play, don’t spring it on her at the spur of the moment in a public place. Talk a bit about your fantasies in a different setting and see how she feels about it – she may enjoy the spontaneous sex-date, but you won’t know until you ask. Find out first if she’s interested before planning a big to-do or you may both end up disillusioned and disappointed in the outcome.

The Backyard
For first-timers, the back yard is a great place to start. If you are lucky and have a pool, try some sun bathing or skinny dipping to get you started. Make sure that your neighborhood kids can’t see into the yard. You can use a tent to cover up a bit – try angling it towards the garden or some thick bushes, so you can leave the door open and still get that fresh, outdoor feeling.

The Beach
Plan ahead to avoid getting sand in your most sensitive areas, bring lots of sunblock, and find a nice secluded location with lots of dunes or grasses. Beware of bugs (bug spray is handy too!) and don’t get caught. If there are nude beaches nearby, you might find this a good way to warm up and enjoy the sun on your skin, but don’t expect that “nude beach” means “wild swinger party” – most nudists will not appreciate catching you mid-coitus any more than any clothed passerby. DO NOT have sex in the water. The force of your thrusting can push water past your lover’s cervix and cause irritation, inflammation or even infection. Yikes!

The Car
The extra shy can gain some cover in their car. Check your local fetish and adult listings for “dogging” meetup groups – people who enjoy watching and being watched while having sex in cars!

The Hot tub

After all those warnings about water… hot tub sex is great because you can stand up and have sex out of the water, while still taking advantage of the warmth and rhythmic force the water provides. Have her bend over the edge of the tub, or sit on the edge yourself and have her sit on your lap facing away from you. You can also enjoy some non-penetrative play in a hot tub – the water will make hand jobs fun and easy, and she can get some very interesting clitoral stimulation from the jets. Be careful that the water coming out of them isn’t too hot – those parts are sensitive! – and give her a little help by engaging in lots of foreplay. Let the hot tub do the difficult work and focus on enjoying lots of kissing, cuddling, and caressing.

The Park
A quiet (deserted) park is a great place for some very sneaky sex. Have her sit innocently in your lap, on a bench or in the grass, and grind a bit until you are both aroused. Slowly unzip your pants (or if it’s a hot summer day, wear shorts or a bathing suit with an open fly) and insert. She can rock back and forth slowly, and you will probably look like you are dry-humping to people who might see you. If you do this late enough at night, behind some bushes, you probably won’t get caught. Probably…

This same technique also works well on public transportation, if you are into that sort of thing. For a more private and natural setting, head for the woods. The further you hike from civilization before setting up camp, the more private your excursion should be.

The Wall
Up against a wall works just about anywhere, when you can’t wait until you get home. Be discreet – the skirt and no panties works to keep you both “covered up” but there will be little question what you are doing. This is risky business if you are in an area where public exposure is a serious crime, so don’t take this decision lightly. Try sex and on-premise swinger clubs for the safest locations.


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