Random Sex Tip on Breast

Breasts are great to look at…and DEFINITELY fun to play with…but there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye…
Yes, I’m talking about a girl’s breasts ; and the better you handle them…the MORE and BETTER she’ll handle you!
Her entire breast area is SUPER PACKED with nerves and super sensitive because of it!

So tonight…after you take off her blouse…first use your fingers to trace a T-shape across the top of her breasts and down in between them…then move your finger underneath her breasts and trace a U-shape along the underside…
NEXT…make the letter N with your finger by tracing up along one side of her breast…then down between both…and up along the other…
If you REALLY wanna take it up a notch…start circling your finger closer and closer in towards her nipple…the path should look like a corkscrew hehe!

Once you’re really got her hot and heaving…trace your tongue along the same exact path as your fingers…
Make a “C” with one hand…then massage underneath one breast while you lick circles around the other nipple…
Now…for a SUPER advanced move that’ll drive her absolutely WILD with torture…
Tell her you won’t touch her “area” until she figures out what word you’re spelling with your fingers
and tongue…and confuse her by jumbling and twisting the letters C.U.N.T…hehe!
This should REALLY drive her over the edge!
And that’s just a simple way to give her an EXTRA SPECIAL surprise when you play with her tonight…
It’s ok if you forget what patterns to trace or in what order…just remember to use your favorite letters C, U, N, and T! Hehe =)

Keep up being a better lover.



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