Ever heard of female hysteria?

A little fun fact today…
In the 1800s, Female Hysteria was a common medical diagnosis given only to women that exhibited a wide array of symptoms…Including nervousness, insomnia; even the desire to make love… and the list goes on and on.
Almost any “ailment” could fit the diagnosis. Obviously hysteria is a totally bogus female medical condition and is no longer recognized by modern medicine…
However, what’s interesting is that it led to the invention of the vibrator.
You see, the common treatment for hysteria was to give the woman “experiencing symptoms” an orgasm!

Of course manually stimulating all these women would have been a lot of work, so along came the vibrator to make the doc’s job easier
I can only imagine the lines outside the doctor’s office back then, lol.
During the 20th century, diagnoses of hysteria were on sharp decline…Hysteria was considered a “catchall diagnosis” where any unidentifiable ailment could be assigned.
As diagnostic techniques improved for other ailments the number of diagnoses kept lowering until nothing was left to be considered hysteria.
What’s interesting is the basic treatment goal for hysteria was to “relax” the woman.
And what better way to relax a woman than giving her a mind blowing orgasm! So the next time your woman is having a bad day or just seems to be a little stressed out, take her in the bedroom (or any room for that matter) and give her a mind bending orgasm.
And you never know an orgasm a day, might just keep the doc away.

Keep up being a better lover.



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