Oral sex (sometimes referred to as cunnilingus) is basically a sexual activity involving the stimulation of the genitals of a sex partner using the tongue, throat, mouth or teeth.
Description, kinds and positions of oral sex have been analyzed in previous articles on the blog so I won’t bore you with all that right now.
I have sat through endless girl-gist times, listening to my friends regale me with tales of how their men never go down on them. While receiving oral sex isn’t every girl’s cup of tea, through research, I have found that a lot of them won’t mind experiencing the sensation. I don’t claim to be a sex health expert but I imagine that the appeal of getting oral sex as opposed to the penis penetration has to do with the fact that having the tongue down there is less aggressive and deliciously tentative. Who doesn’t love being teased? So I definitely understand why a gal’s hottest sexual fantasy would involve a little tongue action.
So, why are most guys resistant to tasting the precious nectar that gets the girl going gaga? Well, it could be for one or more of the reasons below;
Your Vagina Smells Bad
Okay, while we can all agree that the vagina is one of the two self-cleaning body parts we have (the other one is the eye), sometimes, the vagina can give off a foul odor if not taken care off.
Get some mild feminine wash and get rid of that putrid smell. Take a shower before sex when you can. If this doesn’t work then you might be suffering from a form of Sexually Transmitted Disease or a toilet infection. Infected vagina has the tendency to produce smelly discharge no matter how many times you wash or douche, so see a doctor immediately.
He is Just not That Into You
While this reason is mostly saddening it just might be the case. If a man is not really into you he won’t want to participate in a very intimate act like oral sex, all he’ll want is the actual sexual act and he’s on his way. So if you feel like this is the reason then get your ass out the door and find a man that really likes you and is willing to do anything to keep you satisfied.

You Don’t Shave
While I must applaud most women for their attention to detail when it comes to grooming their vagina area, some still don’t shave. This just might be the reason why your man is reluctant to perform cunnilingus on you, a bushy vagina is a serious turn off for most men, no one wants to be picking out pubic hairs from their teeth with a toothpick afterwards. So do your man a favour, get a clean shave or better still wax it!
He Just Doesn’t Want To
Yes, he probably just doesn’t want to be bothered with the intricacies of eating your ‘snail’, just like some women, some men also do not like to go down south. I have even heard some Nigerian men say it is a ‘traditional thing’ and they feel it is an insult for a woman to expect them to perform what they see as a vile act. Well, your man just might fit into this type so don’t worry your pretty little head about it, its not you, its him.
So ladies, don’t deny yourself this orgasm-inducing experience. And fellas, if she goes down on you, it’s only fair you do the same.
Keep up being a better lover.


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