Tips on how to last longer in bed

Premature ejaculation is a huge problem that many men encounter. It is an embarrassing and humiliating thing that creates fear and anxiety in some men that it keeps them up at night. Some even avoid sex so that they won’t have to face the embarrassment.
This is an art that makes women get bored of you and began to lose respect and love.
In other not to experience this, these are a few tips that can makes you last longer.
1) By trying different positions can makes you last longer. Friction on the penis during sex causes most men to ejaculate early. And one way to overcome this problem is to experiment with different positions that will help you last longer. Tip: Any position that allows you to relax can help is a great place to start.
2) By engaging in enhancement exercises, it can make you last longer in bed because they are very effective and easy to do. Enhancement exercises are becoming increasingly popular. While most exercises such as kegels and PC contractions are aimed at strengthening the penis, they are also great for improving ejaculatory control.
Contrary to what most men believe, you don’t have to rely on pills, medication or any other over-hyped commercial gimmicks to overcome premature ejaculation. Even something as simple as the right sex positions and practicing natural enhancement exercises can be very effective at making you last longer in bed.
Sexual stamina and staying power can be learnt if you are willing to invest the time. So you don’t have to continue living with the pain and embarrassment caused by premature ejaculation. So start using the tips above to overcome premature ejaculation and last longer in bed.
Hope you find them beneficial.
Keep up being the Better lover.



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