How To Increase Your Libido After Having Baby?

After giving birth, a woman may experience tremendous change in her physique. She may experience hormonal changes and physical changes that can alter her sex drive; she may also feel an overwhelming energy to care for her infant which can also add to her low libido. It is during these moments when the couple may feel physically apart although celebrating the joy of having a new member of the family.

It is important therefore to know techniques or methods on how to enhance female libido after having a baby. Here are some great methods to try:

• Exercise – this is a great technique to restore a woman’s physique and also her low libido after pregnancy. Apart from taking care of her newborn, she should also spend time working out or simply doing physical activities to make her active once more. Simple activities like sports, walking, biking or swimming can bring back her usual physique and energy. These activities may also enhance the female libido.

• Natural Remedies – there are natural remedies found in food that can basically boost female libido. Garlic and onions are foods that contain chemicals that can boost the immune system and can fuel a post partum sex drive. Recipes made of garlic and onion or simply making garlic and onion soup is enough to enhance a woman’s libido.

• Vacation – it may not be an all out tropical cruise but a simple vacation away from the family can help increase a woman’s libido after giving birth. Just remember to have a responsible person take care of the baby so worrying about the baby may not get in the way of your mood.

• New Routine – a new routine for intimacy may be initiated by the husband or the couple together. A new sexual position perhaps, a sexy lingerie or even a new sex toy; theses simple things can enhance a woman’s libido after giving birth easily.

• Increase Her Self Esteem – a woman after giving birth may feel that her body has become disfigured due to pregnancy. She may need support not just from her husband but from the whole family as well. Give her a reason to celebrate like a healthy baby or a successful delivery to keep her mind off her figure. Invite her to the gym for a workout or present her a gym membership as a gift. She may also appreciate gifts like a sexy dress or a spa makeover certificate to give her a self esteem boost that she really needs. With all of these efforts, a woman may recover easily from her low libido after pregnancy.

• Supplements – there are dietary supplements and vitamins that can boost a woman’s low libido after giving birth. She should seek consult from a medical professional to prescribe the most appropriate supplements for her needs. She may also need hormone supplements to correct hormonal imbalance after pregnancy. Her doctor may advice the best treatment as well.

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