Is birth control killing your woman’s libido?

It’s true. A large part of sexual liberation and feminism can be

credited to birth control. But at the same time, many women have
found their libidos’s shrinking because of it.

If you think that your woman’s libido may be affected by her birth
control, here’s the low down on how different types of birth control
affect your woman.

But even if your woman has a raring libido, you won’t make her
come with the wrong moves.

So, for the sake of your lady and your sex life, make sure
you’re well trained in these techniques:

1. The Pill – A very common side effect of the Pill is a reduced
libido. Why? Because of testosterone! Testosterone is what gives
men and women their sexual drive. However, many pills lower
testosterone levels making women slightly less amorous.

If you think this is the case, your woman may have to experiment
with different brands to see which ones work and which don’t.

2. IUD (Intrauterine Device) – This little puppy is a T-shaped object
that’s inserted into the uterus where they can stay for up to 10
years! If your woman has a Mirena IUD, which releases hormones,
she may be affected negatively by it. Not only is Mirena known to
cause a reduced libido, but also mood swings 😦

3. Lunelle – This is a monthly injection which takes place in a
doctor’s office. It’s been known to cause huge dips in sexual desire as well because of how the hormones affect your lady.

4. Depo-Provera – I know very few women who use this and if
possible, I’d stay away. It’s an injection that’s been used to treat sex offenders in hopes that it’ll reduce their libido to the point where they won’t re-offend. So it makes sense that this injection can really mess with your lady’s libido.

Remember, safe sex is always sexy so do remember to wrap it up if your woman decides to not use any contraceptives!

However, it doesn’t matter if your woman’s libido is perfectly fine. If you ain’t got the moves, honey, she ain’t coming.


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