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When Marvin Gaye sang about “Sexual Healing,” he didn’t know the half of it. Besides being one of life’s greatest pleasures and a boon to intimacy with your partner, a satisfying sex life also can enhance your health in numerous ways. Sure, it can burn calories, relieve stress and help you fall asleep more easily, but these health-promoting effects are just the tip of the iceberg.

Learn other healthy reasons to slip between the sheets with your honey.Rev Up Immunity
Score one for the pleasure principle: Sex, practiced safely and in moderation, could help keep you from getting sick. Research found that college students who made love once or twice a week had substantially higher levels of immunoglobulin A—or IgA, the body’s first line of defense against colds and flu—compared with those who were either abstinent or had sex three or more times per week.

Ease Pain

Vaginal stimulation produces a strong pain-blocking effect, possibly due in part to the release of endorphins—brain chemicals with opioid-like properties. Stimulation of a woman’s G-spot can elevate the pain threshold by over 100 percent with orgasm and over 80 percent with pleasurable stimulation.

This means vaginal stimulation during a sexually satisfying romp between the sheets—or anywhere else, for that matter—could relieve a headache, menstrual cramps, arthritis pain, even chronic pain, for anywhere from several minutes up to 24 hours.

Get Happy, Live Longer

An active sex life may do a body and a marriage good over the years: Sexual satisfaction is closely linked with overall quality of life and increased sense of well-being, for both men and women, at any age. For men, there may even be a longevity benefit.

Use it or Lose It

In postmenopausal women, frequent sex—three or more times per month—also may help prevent vaginal atrophy and dryness. One possible reason: Women who engage in regular sexual activity may have more natural estrogens circulating in their bodies, which can protect vaginal tissue.

In men, frequent ejaculations are not only linked with better sexual function as they age, but also to a decreased risk of prostate cancer. In one study, researchers at the National Cancer Institute found that men who reported 21 or more ejaculations per month had a 33 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer over their lifetimes, compared to those ejaculating 4 to 7 times per month.

Regulate Your Hormones

Women who have intercourse at least once a week (when they don’t have their periods) tend to have more regular menstrual cycles, more fertile basal body temperature patterns, and substantially higher levels of estrogen than those who are less sexually active. Added bonuses: “Women who had regular weekly sex—think of it like a paycheck; never missing a week—were more fertile and they aged more slowly,” experts say. When they reached menopause, they also had fewer hot flashes and better bone density and cardiovascular health.

So that’s the story: Having regular sex with someone you love is not only good for your relationship, it’s good for the health and well-being of your body and mind, too.

Keep up being a Better lover



Is birth control killing your woman’s libido?

It’s true. A large part of sexual liberation and feminism can be

credited to birth control. But at the same time, many women have
found their libidos’s shrinking because of it.

If you think that your woman’s libido may be affected by her birth
control, here’s the low down on how different types of birth control
affect your woman.

But even if your woman has a raring libido, you won’t make her
come with the wrong moves.

So, for the sake of your lady and your sex life, make sure
you’re well trained in these techniques:

1. The Pill – A very common side effect of the Pill is a reduced
libido. Why? Because of testosterone! Testosterone is what gives
men and women their sexual drive. However, many pills lower
testosterone levels making women slightly less amorous.

If you think this is the case, your woman may have to experiment
with different brands to see which ones work and which don’t.

2. IUD (Intrauterine Device) – This little puppy is a T-shaped object
that’s inserted into the uterus where they can stay for up to 10
years! If your woman has a Mirena IUD, which releases hormones,
she may be affected negatively by it. Not only is Mirena known to
cause a reduced libido, but also mood swings 😦

3. Lunelle – This is a monthly injection which takes place in a
doctor’s office. It’s been known to cause huge dips in sexual desire as well because of how the hormones affect your lady.

4. Depo-Provera – I know very few women who use this and if
possible, I’d stay away. It’s an injection that’s been used to treat sex offenders in hopes that it’ll reduce their libido to the point where they won’t re-offend. So it makes sense that this injection can really mess with your lady’s libido.

Remember, safe sex is always sexy so do remember to wrap it up if your woman decides to not use any contraceptives!

However, it doesn’t matter if your woman’s libido is perfectly fine. If you ain’t got the moves, honey, she ain’t coming.

What about her nipples?

For obvious reasons, nipples are a big part of the romantic encounter between you and your partner.

Here are some tips to ensure she enjoys the experience as much as you do.

– Not all women like “rough” nipple play. (like biting, twisting, pinching etc.)

Communicate with your partner and make sure you’re both on the same page.

– Anticipation is your friend. Just because the nipples are easy to access, doesn’t mean
you should go in for the target right away. Let a little sexual tension build up before
you go at them. This will drive her wild!

– Not all women’s nipples are going to be sensitive. If you’re not getting anything
from them, remember she does have nerve endings all over her breasts. Search around, you may find a hot spot you never knew existed.

– Don’t be afraid to stimulate her nipples while you’re also going down on her. This can create a very powerful orgasm. In the end it’s just going to take some experimenting on your part to find out what she likes and responds to the best.

Have fun!

How Blindfold can aid in achieving orgasm

You can use a blindfold in the bedroom to change things up every now and then. I wanted to quickly expand on this and explain why this works for giving her an orgasm.

As you know a woman’s mind plays a huge part in her orgasm. It can either help her, or hinder her.

When her mind is busy and filled with “chatter” it’s going to be very hard for her to get into an “orgasmic state” and have an orgasm.

But, when her mind is “quiet” and “calm” she’ll have a much easier time reaching climax.

The blindfold helps “calm” her mind! When a woman is laying there, able to look around the room, she can start thinking of things like…

“Oh, that shelf needs dusting”


She can start watching you, and think about what you’re doing to her. Both of which will hinder her ability to quiet her mind and have the orgasm.

When you place a blindfold on her, this obviously takes away her sense of sight which in turn, makes it one less thing she can get distracted by. It allows her to focus on herself and more easily have that orgasm.

So give it a try, and let me know how it goes.

How to improve on Your Sex Life

Sexual satisfaction is more than physical pleasure. It’s the overall feeling you have about your sexual experiences. Physical factors, illness, medications and surgeries can all affect sexual functioning. If you have sexual concerns, it’s wise to consult a health care provider. Often, though, low sexual satisfaction is not caused by medical factors.

Many people have beliefs about sexuality and sexual relationships that are based on myths or incorrect information, which can interfere with sexual satisfaction. Knowing more about sexual functioning can make your sex life more satisfying. Here are just a few examples:
• Stimulating the clitoris is important to the sexual pleasure and orgasm of most women.
• Lots of sensual touching of all parts of the body, not just of the breasts and the genitals, results in greater sexual satisfaction for most men and women.
• There are many highly satisfying ways to have sex that do not involve penetrative vaginal or require an erection.
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Negative attitudes about bodies, genitals and sexuality can get in the way of sexual satisfaction. You can change negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings about sex through a process called ‘cognitive restructuring’. This involves becoming aware of old or negative thoughts and replacing them with more accurate and positive ones.
Some people, particularly those who have experienced sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse, may have a general feeling of anxiety about sex. Even more people experience performance anxiety. Instead of getting lost in sexy thoughts and feelings during sexual play, they worry about how well they are “performing”. Here are some common worries:
• Men may worry that they’ll lose their erection and watch for signs of this while they are having sex.
• Women may worry that they are taking too long to reach orgasm. “Read what is organic orgasm for more about this.”
• A lot of people worry that their partner will be turned off by the size, shape or smell of their body.
These types of distracting thoughts often interfere with sexual functioning and sexual satisfaction. It’s hard to truly enjoy having sex when you’re anxious. If you’re affected by performance anxiety, cognitive restructuring and mutual pleasuring exercises can help you stop worrying and focus on pleasurable sensations that is foreplay.
Stress, depression or emotional difficulties can all make sex less satisfying. Taking steps to reduce stress or deal with the more difficult areas of your life can help enhance your sexual satisfaction.
We often don’t realize how our lifestyle affects our sex lives. Many people lead very busy lives and don’t put aside the time they need for quality sexual activity. Instead, they squeeze sex into the time that’s left over after work and other commitments. You have to make the effort to plan for quality sexual activity.
Your partner may not use the sexual techniques that are most arousing to you. Long-term couples that always have sex the same way may find their sex life somewhat boring. Here are a few ideas that may help:
• Include a lot of sensual (not just genital) touching and caressing as part of sexual activity.
• Be spontaneous and creative by varying the way you have sex and the places you have sex.
• Share your sexual likes and dislikes with your partner.
Talking about sex in an open and honest way can help to create and sustain excitement. Many people find it hard to tell their partner what they like and don’t like. They hope their partner will automatically know what they want. Communicating is important because:
• What you find pleasurable and exciting will be different from other people.
• What you like will vary from one sexual encounter to the next, and from one moment to the next.
• No matter how skillful and considerate your partner is, he or she can’t read your mind.
The clearest ways to communicate what you like is by talking, but if you find this difficult, try communicating non-verbally. For example, you can guide your partner’s hand. You can also
• focus on giving and receiving pleasure, not on intercourse and orgasm
• experiment to learn new ways of giving your partner pleasure
• give your partner lots of feedback about what you want, what feels good and what doesn’t
Sexual satisfaction is affected by feelings of emotional intimacy. Problems like poor communication, arguing frequently and a lack of common interests or trust can spill over into your sexual relationship. You may be able to enhance your sexual satisfaction by improving the non-sexual aspects of your relationship.
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