Do you want to delay ejaculation? Learn the Secrets behind It

The Reason for Premature Ejaculation:
One can improve on his sexual life by understanding the reason for premature ejaculation. You should not feel embarrassed about this problem, but seek guidance and tips to heal this problem.  You need to be bold enough to ask about sexual fitness which would help you stay longer and besides makes your fellow partner feel happy and satisfied.
The term ejaculation and orgasm are often misunderstood. They hold an absolutely incomparable meaning in the biological process and needs to be understood absolutely.  With your understanding of the difference between the two, you can restraint your stay and avoid premature ejaculation. Many men believe that orgasm and ejaculation hold similar meanings. In this article we have differentiated the two terms for your understanding.

Ejaculation is a biological process which is activated when the prostrate gets moved or stimulated. Prostrate stimulation happens when the PC or Pelvic muscles tense to a certain extent due to the excitement in your penis. In order to stay longer, you need to delay the contraction of your PC muscle. If you get moved too early and your PC muscles contract, then it will lead to premature ejaculation. Orgasm on the other hand, is the nervous reaction of the complete body which begins in your brain and passes through every nerve present in your body.  You can also have an orgasm without ejaculating. Therefore, it is totally important to prolong ejaculation until you have satisfied your partner.  If you are willing to do this, you need to master a few skills.

Complete Body Control:
When your heart beat increases after a certain point then you may end up too early during your sexual intercourse. In such case, due to nervousness and stress the body enters into a sympathetic system. You can increase your stamina by breathing in a relaxed manner, proper concentration and a thorough control on your heart rate spread to ten minutes.

Training your Senses:
Premature ejaculation is a psychological affliction because one gets too agog by the idea of sex and ejaculates very early. You need to learn the trick of getting less excited by the thought of sex. You can achieve this by paying no heed to sexual materials around you.

Maintain your Speed:
It is not smart when you complain about premature ejaculation by pushing hard demanding inside your partner. It is very important for you to stay longer during sexual intercourse. You need to make proper use of your time such as begin slowly and then increase the speed as solid as it grows longer.

The Stop besides Go Method:
Stop and go method is a unique practice which can sustain you by lasting longer in love-making. Have a cross-examination with your partner to practice with you if you are not in a hurry. Usually, you apply this by both bringing yourself next to orgasm and immediately forcing your PC muscles to relax at the time of intercourse. The constant practice of this method can help you accomplish the position where ejaculation is unavoidable. With this you can also separate your ejaculation from orgasm. Therefore, you have orgasm without ejaculating.
The above mentioned methods or techniques can support you to last longer in love-making as well as delay premature ejaculation.



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