How to improve female orgasm by lasting Longer with the HOTTEST Positions

Let me talk to you about one of these super hot positions that causes guys to come way too fast.
Women don’t want you moving slowly around inside them for a few minutes and then it’s all over. They want a hard, fast, sturdy rhythm that shows them you are a real man as he leads them into having screaming orgasm after screaming orgasm.
Back to that position I earlier mentioned.
The position that makes many guys ejaculating fast is doggy style. These is all about seeing your girl bent over, with that ass right in front you that makes you want to erupt.
And to make it even worse, it is one of those dominating positions where she wants you to give it to her hard and fast. No girl likes slow, romantic doggy style.
Let’s talk about how to last longer in doggy style.
The first thing to do when you want to last long is doing it with you standing up. When you are down on the bed behind her and you are thrusting a lot with your hips rather than your entire body, anytime you are sensitive to coming too fast it will probably going to happen.
When you engage in doggy style with your wife/girl bent over (either on the edge of the bed or standing up) you can thrust with your entire body as opposed to just your hips. Anytime you thrust with your full body it is much easier to control your stamina and thrust hard and fast without losing it.
Another way to last longer using doggy style is when you are standing up giving it to her from behind, hook your hands under her waist. Let me explain further in detail. Normally in doggy style you have your hands on the side of her waist and you thrust into her hard from behind. Now what I want you to do is, hook your hands under her waist. You should feel like you are grabbing her pelvic bone. Now, pull her into you while you barely thrust at all. In this way, you can give it to her really hard and you aren’t thrusting and worried about coming. You are moving her into you instead of moving into HER. Alright!
Another simple way you can last longer with a doggy style is to shorten your range of motion. By shortening your range of motion you can give it to her really hard and not have long thrusting movements that cause to ejaculate prematurely).
This is the way to do it.
When you are inside her (that is using doggy style), go all the way in, until you can’t go in any further. Then instead of coming almost all the way out and thrusting back in just pull back about an inch and then thrust back in. With this you will gain a motion of one inch. So, these short motions allow you to drive her to an orgasm by giving her the hard thrusting that she needs. They also allow you to keep your stamina by limiting your movement and excessive stimulation.
Put these quick doggy style stamina tips into use the next time you have sex and you will notice the difference that you will be able to last much longer. You can learn more by viewing my products.



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