What Is An Organic Orgasm?

Do you want to improve your female orgasms? If yes let’s explore organic orgasm.

Have you ever heard about organic orgasm before? Well, before I go there, there are lots of names people call orgasms: it could be vaginal orgasm, clitoral orgasm, full-body orgasm, male ejaculation, female ejaculation, G Spot orgasm and even “getting off”.  Many people have been made to believe that orgasm is the goal of any sexual interaction. It is just a football game where each team goal is to nail as much ball into the net to guarantee victory. That is how people have take orgasm as must have. So it has people to have focus on achieving orgasms whenever they engage in sexual intercourse.

But everything is not all focusing on climax. Though climax is very good and it gives you sweet feeling. It’s really about having the fun experience of going through the stages and sublime pleasures of arousal, touch and intimacy. This is what organic orgasm about.

There was a friend I learnt in her determination to have female ejaculation had to went through many hours in the hand of a sex therapist before she finally achieve this orgasmic experience. And I thought there must be a difference between force orgasm and organic orgasm.

The goal should simply be to experience all the different types of connection and pleasure that is possible with our sexuality rather than go for forced, superficial orgasm.

Organic orgasms can really nourish our sexual life. We just have to make room for it in our busy schedules for its arrival. They don’t need to show up during every sexual interaction – but if we stay on the path to connection and give up making climax the focus of every sexual encounter – we may naturally have organic orgasms that will nourish the bind in our relationships with our beloved and with ourselves. And we might begin to uptap a new kind of shameless pleasure that lost in the rush to achieve the orgasm goal.

So the advice is, don’t seek out the forced, goal orientated orgasm but instead stay on the path toward organic orgasm without attachment to achieving it.

Orgasms will come. It’s perfectly natural.


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