Ladies: This is how you can please your man in bed

Men really expect a lot of fun from their wife or girlfriend when it comes to love-making. After he must surrender his body to you, there are various ways to please your man which will make the lovemaking a memorable one filled with passionate.

1) Every men love being touched and felt sexually. There is some part of his body that excites him and brings pleasure to him. These are known as hidden zones. Places like the inner thighs, lips and groin, are erotic zones that can give him pleasure. Also, there are some parts that can be caressed, stroked, kissed and which can help him in getting his orgasm. Some of these are chest, necks, arms, and ears. Try these simple methods and see how please your man will be.

2) Before you both began intercourse, you can try some hand job. He would love it and make more love to you once he gets to the right mood. Start by massaging his genital with a light strokes, tease him give him 2-3 strokes that he enjoys. Bring him into orgasm by a genital massage. Slow strokes and then some hard strokes would kick him in the right place.

3) Oral sex is something every man loves. Give your man or boyfriend a pleasing oral sex by sucking his penis. Firstly, touch it, give him some teasing touches that would make him guess, use your lips and tongue and slowly begin sucking and massaging.

4) Keeping the air of your bedroom or anywhere you want to have fun well scented can please your man. A lot of men love this as it boosts their romantic feeling and heightened love for you. Rose petals, Scented candles, music, etc can enhance the romantic feeling of your man. Just like you would love someone setting up a perfect romantic mood for you, he would also love when he is made feel special. He can in fact love you all the more for this.

5) Round off your pleasure with a nice sex position. The rear entry or the doggy style is a sex position that every men really loves. This position does not give you a face-to-face contact but it makes situations such that it brings more pleasure to him.






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