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Enhance female orgasm by lasting longer with focus

Many guys are so focused on not cumming that they do what they think is the right move and think about something else. Maybe they will think about baseball, TV show, or anything non sexual in the hopes of lasting longer.
Well, if you’ve tried this, you know it doesn’t help or work.

Plus it’s frustrating! You want to enjoy sex like a normal dude by not distracting yourself in the hope of lasting longer.
Well, this is how to fix this. Instead of distracting yourself, next time recognize how aware you are.
What you need to lower your arousal to last longer is simply by doing 2 things below and you’ll find yourself with increased staying power.

1) Open Your Eyes
Right before you come often your eyes will start to close as you go into your orgasm. Make a conscious effort to open your eyes all the way. This is a way to trick your brain that takes your body out of “orgasm mode.”

2) Breathe
A few deep breathes (done quietly) do wonders for calming the nerves and keeping your soldier on the battlefield. Take a few breathes in through the nose and out the mouth while you slow your pace. You’ll be surprised at how much control this simple thing gives you. Keep your pace slower and breathing deep as long as you need, and then pick the pace back up when you are ready.

Those 2 techniques will allow you to stop having to distract yourself and put you back into the moment where you can not only last longer but also enjoy it.



LEARN HOW to improve Your female orgasm with AN EXPLOSIVE One

If you’re looking for the right literature that you can learn to give your woman the most intense mind-blowing orgasm that will literally make her shake uncontrollably with great joy and ecstasy. Here you are! I am not talking about some little moan or groan type of orgasm but some neighbor disturbing screaming orgasm that will make your woman squirt.

The reason why your woman need this intense sexual pleasure

Imagine you having sex without orgasm, how will you feel? Yes, perhaps you will feel as if something is greatly missing in your sex life and this might affect you psychologically. That’s how your woman feels if she doesn’t have orgasm.
A lot of women cheat on their husband or boyfriend simply because they are not satisfied sexually. As I said above, they felt something is missing in their sex life and if they are not getting what they wanted from their husband or boyfriend, they go elsewhere to get this important biological need.  Do you know that over 71% have never achieved sexual orgasm in their lifetime! And over 80% of women have never experienced a vaginal orgasm. What does these figures means to you? It means that majority of our women are sad and not satisfied with their sexual relationships. This seems shameful but also when it comes to understanding women anatomy, a lot of men are clueless about this and this is bad.

The worst part is that most men are living with hope and brag that they are good lovers. Some even confidently tell their women to their face while dating that he will satisfy her which makes his woman happy without having a clue or knowing the principle for having good satisfactory sex.

Most women don’t tell their man that they are bad in bed. They do this not to downgrade their ego because this is mostly part of what make a man. Some don’t want to hurt his feeling because they expect you to know how to drive her wild but when you can’t perform, it’s easier for her to just move on with her life than confront you about it.

So, the reality is that you must improve your sex life to elevate your entire relationship. If you need quality information on how to actually give your woman these full body orgasm, then try this literatures.  It is a training guide on how to give your woman that mind-blowing orgasm and teach you how achieve mutual sexual satisfaction.


How to improve female orgasm by lasting Longer with the HOTTEST Positions

Let me talk to you about one of these super hot positions that causes guys to come way too fast.
Women don’t want you moving slowly around inside them for a few minutes and then it’s all over. They want a hard, fast, sturdy rhythm that shows them you are a real man as he leads them into having screaming orgasm after screaming orgasm.
Back to that position I earlier mentioned.
The position that makes many guys ejaculating fast is doggy style. These is all about seeing your girl bent over, with that ass right in front you that makes you want to erupt.
And to make it even worse, it is one of those dominating positions where she wants you to give it to her hard and fast. No girl likes slow, romantic doggy style.
Let’s talk about how to last longer in doggy style.
The first thing to do when you want to last long is doing it with you standing up. When you are down on the bed behind her and you are thrusting a lot with your hips rather than your entire body, anytime you are sensitive to coming too fast it will probably going to happen.
When you engage in doggy style with your wife/girl bent over (either on the edge of the bed or standing up) you can thrust with your entire body as opposed to just your hips. Anytime you thrust with your full body it is much easier to control your stamina and thrust hard and fast without losing it.
Another way to last longer using doggy style is when you are standing up giving it to her from behind, hook your hands under her waist. Let me explain further in detail. Normally in doggy style you have your hands on the side of her waist and you thrust into her hard from behind. Now what I want you to do is, hook your hands under her waist. You should feel like you are grabbing her pelvic bone. Now, pull her into you while you barely thrust at all. In this way, you can give it to her really hard and you aren’t thrusting and worried about coming. You are moving her into you instead of moving into HER. Alright!
Another simple way you can last longer with a doggy style is to shorten your range of motion. By shortening your range of motion you can give it to her really hard and not have long thrusting movements that cause to ejaculate prematurely).
This is the way to do it.
When you are inside her (that is using doggy style), go all the way in, until you can’t go in any further. Then instead of coming almost all the way out and thrusting back in just pull back about an inch and then thrust back in. With this you will gain a motion of one inch. So, these short motions allow you to drive her to an orgasm by giving her the hard thrusting that she needs. They also allow you to keep your stamina by limiting your movement and excessive stimulation.
Put these quick doggy style stamina tips into use the next time you have sex and you will notice the difference that you will be able to last much longer. You can learn more by viewing my products.


Do you want to improve your wife/girlfriend orgasm? This is how to reawaken her heart

Have you ever seen a guy out there with his wife/girl friend and you can notice that the woman is super happy. She is always wants his arm around her, put smile on her face constantly and she often laugh dumbly at his comments which aren’t that too funny.
You might be thinking, what is the secret. Well, there are many factors that can affect this affection between couples and one of the secret is that the man is fulfilling his role by satisfying his wife/girlfriend sexually.
If you are satisfying your wife/girlfriend sexually, it is a sign of good treatment and there is literally no chance that your wife/girlfriend will cheat on you.
So how will you achieve this secret of sexual pleasure which is a biological need of a woman?

One of the real secrets is giving her multiple climaxes in the same session.
I am not talking about you going down on her giving her one oral orgasm and then getting on top of her and maybe giving her one penetration (not even sure if she climaxed). But, I am talking about a full forty five minutes of intense, up against the wall, eyes popping out of her head, screaming climaxes over and over again.
This is what you should always aim for in your personal sexual life.
But such intense sexual pleasure is also hard on the guy. It is tough not to explode when you are going at it that hard and with that much intensity. Something I love one-minute man.
I’ve had such experience before and it feels way better to be the hero than the zero. So, i want you to be the hero. I want your girl to be all over you at home and in public.
The way you can give your wife/girl ridiculous sexual pleasure is simple.
Be able to last forty minutes with a hard, fast, sturdy rhythm- i mean penetration.
Give her that intense, up against the wall, eyes popping out of her head, screaming climaxes that i talked about before.
Get her all over you now and avoid the humiliation that many guys unfortunately end up facing at some point in their lives.
Go check out the specifics of what I’m talking about because I know it will help you too.
Be that guy that his girl all over him.


What Is An Organic Orgasm?

Do you want to improve your female orgasms? If yes let’s explore organic orgasm.

Have you ever heard about organic orgasm before? Well, before I go there, there are lots of names people call orgasms: it could be vaginal orgasm, clitoral orgasm, full-body orgasm, male ejaculation, female ejaculation, G Spot orgasm and even “getting off”.  Many people have been made to believe that orgasm is the goal of any sexual interaction. It is just a football game where each team goal is to nail as much ball into the net to guarantee victory. That is how people have take orgasm as must have. So it has people to have focus on achieving orgasms whenever they engage in sexual intercourse.

But everything is not all focusing on climax. Though climax is very good and it gives you sweet feeling. It’s really about having the fun experience of going through the stages and sublime pleasures of arousal, touch and intimacy. This is what organic orgasm about.

There was a friend I learnt in her determination to have female ejaculation had to went through many hours in the hand of a sex therapist before she finally achieve this orgasmic experience. And I thought there must be a difference between force orgasm and organic orgasm.

The goal should simply be to experience all the different types of connection and pleasure that is possible with our sexuality rather than go for forced, superficial orgasm.

Organic orgasms can really nourish our sexual life. We just have to make room for it in our busy schedules for its arrival. They don’t need to show up during every sexual interaction – but if we stay on the path to connection and give up making climax the focus of every sexual encounter – we may naturally have organic orgasms that will nourish the bind in our relationships with our beloved and with ourselves. And we might begin to uptap a new kind of shameless pleasure that lost in the rush to achieve the orgasm goal.

So the advice is, don’t seek out the forced, goal orientated orgasm but instead stay on the path toward organic orgasm without attachment to achieving it.

Orgasms will come. It’s perfectly natural.


How lubricant can improve your sex life

Have you ever thought for a second that sexual lubricant enhanced lovemaking? Well, have you ever tried these? Close your mouth and dry your lips. Run your finger lightly over them and pay attention to how you feel. Then lick your lips and run a finger lightly over your moistened lips. Did you notice any difference? This is exactly how sexual lubricants can help you enjoy more pleasurable lovemaking.

In a recent study conducted at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, researchers asked 2,500 women to rate their lovemaking with and without a lubricant. The women declared that using lubrication made sex substantially more enjoyable.

With the finger on lips exercise I described above the lubricant is the saliva, the world’s most popular sexual lube. It’s effective, always available, and free. But saliva is more watery than slippery, and it dries quickly. To enhance sexual pleasure, most people find that commercial lubricants work better.
Sex literatures do overlook lubricants by mentioning only when discussing about menopausal vaginal dryness. But the Indiana study that show that lubricants enhanced love making women of all ages.

Men can also use lubricants as it helps them in masturbation and while wearing a condom by placing some drop on the head of the penis. It makes intercourse really enjoyable.

There are four types of lubricants. They are oil-based, petroleum-based, water-based, and silicone-based. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Oil-based lubricants include vegetable and nut oils, and Crisco. The former can be used on the genitals and as massage lotions. Crisco is a popular lube for anal play. Oil-based lubes are safe to ingest and safe to use with latex contraceptives. However, it may make you feel greasy and cause stain bed linens and clothing. So it requires soap and water to wash off.

Petroleum-based lubes are made from Vaseline and baby oil. These lubricants destroy latex and should neverbe used with condoms. Don’t use petroleum lubricants inside the vagina either because they are difficult to wash out. It can cause irritation and change your vaginal chemistry by increasing risk of infection. It cannot be ingested and they may stain bed linens.

Most of the lubricants that are available are water-based. They are safe to use with latex contraceptives and are very cheap. They don’t cause stain while using and during oral sex, it’s safe when ingesting small amounts. You can’t use them as body massages lotions and during love making, it may dry out. So, you either apply more or refresh them with saliva or water because they dry off easily.

Silicone lubricants were first introduced in the 1990s as a personal adaptation to the industrial lubricant- WD-40. They feel silky and are not messy. They retain their slickness longer than water-based lubes. They don’t damage latex and are safe for use on the vulva, clitoris, and penis, and in the vagina and anus. They do not stain bed linen or clothing. Though it’s not clear how safe they are to ingest, so it’s wise not to do so.

Don’t just apply lubricants directly on your lover’s genitals. The lubricant is cold right inside the jar. So when you want to apply the lubricants, ensure you pour some small quantity into hands, rub it between your hands until you feel it is warm and then caress your lover with the lubricated fingers.

If you want to use condoms, be careful with lubricants because they increase risk of slipping -offs. Have intercourse gently with it and when you withdraw, your lover should hold the condom onto the base of the penis.

So, a lubricant is a very good tool when making love.  Many sex therapists recommend it as form of enjoying sex.


Ladies: This is how you can please your man in bed

Men really expect a lot of fun from their wife or girlfriend when it comes to love-making. After he must surrender his body to you, there are various ways to please your man which will make the lovemaking a memorable one filled with passionate.

1) Every men love being touched and felt sexually. There is some part of his body that excites him and brings pleasure to him. These are known as hidden zones. Places like the inner thighs, lips and groin, are erotic zones that can give him pleasure. Also, there are some parts that can be caressed, stroked, kissed and which can help him in getting his orgasm. Some of these are chest, necks, arms, and ears. Try these simple methods and see how please your man will be.

2) Before you both began intercourse, you can try some hand job. He would love it and make more love to you once he gets to the right mood. Start by massaging his genital with a light strokes, tease him give him 2-3 strokes that he enjoys. Bring him into orgasm by a genital massage. Slow strokes and then some hard strokes would kick him in the right place.

3) Oral sex is something every man loves. Give your man or boyfriend a pleasing oral sex by sucking his penis. Firstly, touch it, give him some teasing touches that would make him guess, use your lips and tongue and slowly begin sucking and massaging.

4) Keeping the air of your bedroom or anywhere you want to have fun well scented can please your man. A lot of men love this as it boosts their romantic feeling and heightened love for you. Rose petals, Scented candles, music, etc can enhance the romantic feeling of your man. Just like you would love someone setting up a perfect romantic mood for you, he would also love when he is made feel special. He can in fact love you all the more for this.

5) Round off your pleasure with a nice sex position. The rear entry or the doggy style is a sex position that every men really loves. This position does not give you a face-to-face contact but it makes situations such that it brings more pleasure to him.